Andrea Mauz, born in Germany, lives and works in Zurich/Switzerland. She got a master`s degree in architecture and worked for architects' offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. After having worked for SANAA in Tokyo, she developed and realized butho dance performances and workshops in open space together with choreographer Tetsuro Fukuhara.


Japan`s pure and minimalist design vocabulary and the aim of being changeable within small spaces, inspired the young designer to her unique bag design. The innovative way Dutch architects deal with limited space as well as the precision and perfection in Swiss handcraft are the pillows of her daily work.


Everything which is created in the amauz studio is polyfunctional. This is also true for the studio itself which can be turned into living space within seconds as well as for the pieces of furniture in the shop area which are transportable and do also function as a trade fair stand. When experimenting with different materials, small series of products emerge, the reversible cap, which can adopt two different shapes being only one example.